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Welcome to Tenkanen–Tengén Family Association Web Site!

This web site is maintained by the Tenkanen–Tengén Family Association and provides information and services mainly intended for the members of the association and the Tenkanen–Tengén family having the origins in Sakkola and Pyhäjävi (Vyborg province), areas in Karelia (currently part of Russia).

In addition, the site offers historical articles, portraits, a public family register and other material that may be useful to researches of other families, as well.

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The next family reunion will be arranged on June 6, 2015 in Huittinen

The next family reunion will be hosted by Asko Tenkanen at Pitopalvelu Tenkanen (see in Huittinen, on Saturday June 6, 2015.

More information in the oficial invitation to be posted to all members later this year.

The most recent family reunion was arranged in Tampere June 16, 2012

Tuomas Tenkanen from Helsinki was elected as new president for the family association, and Laina Tenkanen-Poikkeus, Toni Savela and Salla Tenkanen as new members. Arto Tenkanen, Atte Tenkanen and Teppo Tenkanen continue as old members. Arto Tenkanen was named an honorary member of the association.

During the next three years the family association intends to concentrate on book and publishing projects, one of which deals with the life and works of prolific amateur photographer Aarne Tengén (whose photos are preserved in great number in the Finnish Museum of Photography) can be mentioned.

Due to publishing projects the member fees were raised for a single ("regular") member to EUR 20 (formerly EUR 15), and for a family member (including also the spouse and children of under age) to EUR 25 (formerly EUR 20).

The family association now has a stamp of its own!

The Tenkanen–Tengén family has a first-class stamp of its own!

The stamps are availabe in 20-piece sheets at the price of 30 euros + postage. You can make an order here.

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